Human Rights Protection

How to Take Steps to Protect Human Rights:

1. Identifying Human Rights

 Recognize civil rights.

 Identify political rights.

 Recognize economic and social rights.

 Be aware of cultural rights.

2. Protecting and Promoting Human Rights in your Personal Life

 Embrace the duty to protect and promote human rights.

 Learn about human rights.

 Participate in local human rights activism.

 Document human rights violations.

 Report local human rights violations to a trusted organization.

 Report serious human rights violations to the United Nations.

3. Protecting Human Rights in your Professional Life

 Participate in a human rights fellowship.

 Work for a human rights organization.

 Become a political leader dedicated to human rights.

The Part of Human Rights

 Human Rights

 Citizen Rights

 Civil Rights

 Women Rights

 Rights to Freedom

 Rights to Education

 Rights to Voice

 Rights to Legal

 Rights to Food

 Rights to Health