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The Crime Intelligence Force Trust will play an important role in national awakening in the future through all types of social and judicial awareness campaigns. Our organization is an independent social organization which we as national chairman / president are collaborating with many social organizations, various newspapers and news channels. Crime Intelligence Force Trust has been organizing awareness programs on the topics of human rights abuses, women harassment, child protection, cyber crime, corruption and crime etc., along with checking their level on complaints received on social problems and providing them to the concerned departments Important / Secret News Various security and intelligence agencies and the Ministry of Home Affairs and Honorable President of India They also provide ti.

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The Crime Intelligence Force Trust is primarily a name for the Crime and Corruption Killer team, operating across India with the support of good officers and a powerful legal team. It is an NGO (NGO) which operates independently and plays a vital role in the services of our country and makes our society crime free and safe. We have taken immediate steps for crime and corruption and played a powerful role in curbing corruption in various government departments. Now, one day, our institution is establishing its name in various government departments by highlighting irregularities and creating awareness among people, making them aware of their authority. We help local, national and even international law enforcement officials in their relentless efforts to curb the activities of legal information, crime syndicates, rackets, organized gangs, smuggling and law breaking. Many people contact us to solve their personal / personal problems or to satisfy their personal troubles. We work with unselfish spirit in the interest of the country and society with the aim that we get respect and respect from the common people in the country. Welfare of common people through us and our organization

Who can join ?

Any person, who is disciplined, attained :he age to majority and willing to serve the nation (no restrictions on the basis of caste, creed religion, Party or Sex) may join CIF to serve to society and nation by become member of any category. He will have to submit following documents along with the application form.

1.Photocopy of citizenship of India
2.Photocopy of education qualifications
3.Four passport size photo
4.Affidavit on Stamp paper of Rs. 10/- attested by Notary Officer.
5.Complete membership form with attested by any one authorized officer by CIF.
6.Aadhaar Card is mendatory for address proof.
7.Pan Card and Voter Card for Identity Proof.

About Us

The Crime Intelligence Force
Trust will play an important
role in national awakening in
the future through all types of

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Kokhraj, Chayal
Kaushambi -212201
Mobile No.+91-08882922960
Mobile No.+91-9450106084

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